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Digitech ValveFX Unit

There is some great info at Bruce James' web page to help you with hooking your computer up to your processor.  The ValveFX is almost identical to the RP10/12 as far as hooking up to your computer is concerned.  If you have the Control1 or Johnson J12 foot controller, the CC Link section is also identical.  Check out these links:

Midi Info/Librarians:

If you don't have a processor that works with RPEdit, you can still send and receive SysEx files to and from your computer.   This is useful to back up your individual patches, or your entire memory, or to store more patches than your processor allows space for. Since Sysex implementation differs from processor to processor, you can not trade patches with GSP users or RP users, but you can trade ValveFX Sysex patch (.syx) files with other ValveFX users.

Here are some good MIDI librarians that I know work with the ValveFX:

These are shareware programs (except MidiXer which you can get the upgrade of if you buy SQ Midi Tools), and each requires a different evaluation period, so refer to the program when you download it.