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Digitech ValveFX Unit
RPEdit 2.0e1v:

After seeing Bruce James' graphical patch editor, RPEdit for the RP10 and RP12, I HAD to have something that worked like that for my ValveFX, but nobody had programmed a solution like that for the ValveFX.  So, I modified his source code to allow RPEdit to work with the ValveFX as well.  Bruce has included my modifications in his latest masterpiece: RPEdit 2.0!  This version is still in beta, but plans to include functionality for the RP20, RP21D, 2120 and Millenium processors as well.  The current version still works just fine for the RP10/12/ValveFX.
Main features are:
  • Uses cross-platform Tcl/Tk 8.0 interpreter (Windows, Mac, Unix)
  • Either, graphical display of algorithm modules, or SAP display;
  • Separate dialog for each module with immediate access to all module parameters;
  • Reads and write both SysEx and SAP format files;
  • Does MIDI sysex comms (Windows 95/98/NT only);
  • Allows easier switching between ValveFX/RP10/RP12 for writing patches for multiple formats.
  • It's free.

Here's what to do...

  • NEW - Bruce James' website is no longer working.  You can now download RPEdit from Harmony Central
  • Download the latest version, RPEdit 2.0b1v - RPEdit2.0b1Setup.exe (435k - released July 31st, 1999, see Harmony Central for latest version).
  • And Remember that ALL of Bruce's licensing still applies.  This is freeware and you need to follow all of the terms in his original license (see the readme linked to above).


Here are some differences between RP10/12 and ValveFX patches you should remember when converting patches:

  • Download the RP10 Module document that Bruce wrote and the ValveFX Module document I wrote and compare the two.
  • The ValveFX has a tube preamp so it has 6 distortion modes instead of the 3 that the RP10/12 has.  The solid state distortions on all three processors are the same, but are numbered differently.
    ValveFX RP10/12
    1. Clean Tube
    2. Distorted Tube
    3. Saturated Tube
    4. Overdrive
    5. Heavy Sustain
    6. Grunge
    1. Grunge
    2. Heavy Sustain
    3. Overdrive
  • Algorithms 33-36 are different on the ValveFX than on the RP10/12.
    ValveFX RP10/12
    1. Wah -> Cho -> Dly -> Rvb
    2. No Digital
    3. does not exist
    4. does not exist
    1. No Digital
    2. SmoothPitch -> Dly
    3. SmoothWhammy -> Dly
    4. Harmony
  • If you plan on using RPEdit for both the RP10/12 and the ValveFX I strongly suggest that you copy the RPEdit files to two separate folders (one for RPEdit, one for ValveFXEdit) and just switch between the two separate folders.  This is only until I get RPEdit to fully switch modes when you change RP Unit's in the options dialog. (You can also switch and shut down and reopen RPEdit every time, but if you have two separate folders you can have both versions open at the same time).