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Digitech ValveFX Unit

Below is all of the information that used to be on the Digitech website.  Since the ValveFX has been discontinued and Digitech no longer provides any support information about legacy processors on their website you can refer to this page for information about the ValveFX or you can email them from their feedback page at


  • 12AX7 tube Distortion with 3 programmable voicings and 3 Solid State Distortions
  • 28 Full bandwidth digital effects (20 - 20kHz) including Whammy(TM)
  • 4-band Parametric EQ
  • S-DISC(TM) Digital Noise Gate
  • Chromatic tuner
  • 24-bit signal path, 48-bit internal data transmission
  • Instant Module and parameter access
  • Programmable Cabinet Emulator for direct to console applications
  • Front panel Presence control and headphone output
  • Full MIDI implementation
  • MIDI receive and 4 independent nameable MIDI transmit maps
  • 10 Continuous Controllers per Program

The Valve FX combines the world's most powerful digital signal processor; the S-DISC(TM) with real tube distortion or one of our three most popular solid state distortion types, including the famous Grunge. The digital multi-effects are second to none when joined with the warmth and clarity of one of the best analog preamps on the market, the results are amazing.

All of your effects needs can now be filled by a single unit with 16-bit clarity.


A/D Converter: 16 bit PCM D/A Converter: 16 bit PCM Sampling Frequency: 40kHz
DSP Section:
Architecture: Static-Dynamic Instruction Set (S-DISC-TM)
Digital Signal Path Width: 24 bits (144.5 dB) Internal Data Path Width: 48 bits (289 dB)
Dynamic Delay Memory: 64k x 24 bits (1.68 seconds) Static Delay Memory: 256 24-bit registers
Data ALU Processing: 10.0 MIPS Address ALU Processing: 15.0 MIPS Multiplier Size: 24 bits x 24 bits
Input Section:
Connector: 1/4" Unbalanced TRS Nominal Level: -8dBu
Maximum Level: +10dBu Impedance: 470 kohms
Output Section:
Connector: 1/4" Unbalanced TRS Nominal Level: +4dBu
Maximum Level: +18dBu Impedance: 50 ohms
Effects Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20kHz (+0/-3 dB) S/N Ratio: Greater than 90 dB ref + max signal 22kHz measurement bandwidth THD: Less then 0.04% (1kHz)
Memory Capacity Factory: 128 programs 34 algorithms
Memory Capacity User: 128 programs
Power Requirements: US and Canada: 120 V AC, 60 Hz, Japan: 100 V AC, 50/60 Hz, Europe: 230 V AC, 50 Hz, UK: 240 V AC, 50 Hz Power Consumption: 30 watts
Dimensions: 19" (482mm) W x 1.75" (44mm) H x 9" (229mm) D